Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paragraphs Is Open

It is hard to believe but after nearly four years of planning, dreaming, problem-solving, visualizing and just plain hard work, Paragraphs is a reality. The shelves are still a little bare but filling up each day as new books arrive and the used ones are cleaned up, prepared to begin a second life, and get placed next to new friends in their category of choice.

I have been so very pleased and quite humbled by the awesome support we have received in the first few days. Even an incorrect address in the first piece of current advertising we placed could not keep the truly interested away -- thanks to the kind folks at the Visitors Center and Chamber of Commerce who sent any confused people in the right direction. Everyone has patiently waited while I learn the ins and outs of operating our new point-of-sale cash register system even after they willingly negotiated the unmarked categories, alphabet soup and chaotic free-for-all that exists on our shelves.

But, with each passing day we become a little more efficient and section by section a little order returns to the shelves. The historical romance have found their way out of history-- although a little Galbadon mixed in with McCullough did add some spice to the historical narrative--and the Bibles have found a proper measure of respect, separated from Bonk.

Chairs, wi-fi, and other amenities are being worked on to make Paragraphs a more comfortable place to sit, read and visit. Magazines, newpapers and small gift items are being ordered along with shopping bags (no more Wal-Mart plastic bags when it is raining).

Thanks to all who have so generously given of their time and talent to help make this dream a reality. And to my lovely mother and father in-law, the flowers are beautiful and have added a wonderful touch of color. They have meant a great deal to me during these first days of frightening and exhilarating chaos.

And I have really appreciated all the compliments on the design and appearance of the building. We want Paragraphs to be a positive addition to the community and the comments are encouraging and most welcome. Eventually, it is my hope that Paragraphs will become a destination of its own and as such, add to the appeal of South Padre Island, Tx. With all your help I think we can achieve that goal.

Well, I need to go to work now. Later...


Ann said...

Joni, the store looks beautiful! I can't wait to come visit someday. I know you are working very hard; I hope you are also having fun.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Joni. It's great to see that you have opened for business. As soon as we have a chance, I'll take my family out to South Padre Island and stop by your shop.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the opening. I look forward to browsing the shelves and enjoying the store.

Anonymous said...

From hurricanes and sending you photos; to all other challenges; I am so glad you are finally here. I have not stopped by - but will next week A hardy well done, and congratulations!!! - AS

Joni said...

Thanks, everyone. We are still very much a work in progress, but things are improving every day. I think I can actually begin to see some glimmer of daylight at the end of the tunnel.

It will be nice to re-enter society and be able to make some time for the beach and the bookends.

I do appreciate all the kind words and thoughts.

Norm said...

At last a book store on SPI! What a wonderful addition! For years I thought people didn't read on SPI. Now they have no reason NOT to. And what makes it even better is Paragraphs' special identity. It isn't a cookie cutter book store. I'm sorry to be leaving soon, but next winter, Paragraphs will become my favorite hang out. Joni stay in touch.

Joni said...


Thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to future conversations about books, writing and who knows what else.

The offer to do readings or workshops next year is much appreciated and I will hold you to your word.

Feel free to send me any reviews or writings, and I will include them here, I am looking for guest bloggers - especially if the price is right.

See you soon /Joni

SandyMN said...

Joni, It has been a joy to watch your dream develop, step by step, boxes to books on the shelves. The store is so inviting, friendly and "staff" are gracious, inviting and some even like their ears scratched and thank you with wagging tails. Sadie and Sophie give it a special touch. Look forward to returning in Dec and seeing a new sign outdoors!