Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ladybug Girl at the Beach

I am looking forward to the release of this wonderful new picture book which is one of several books scheduled to be published this summer as part of Penguin's "Catch the Reading Wave" promotion.

Jacky Davis - author
David Soman - illustrator
ISBN 9780803734166
available May 2010

Lulu loves the beach. Well, she’s never been there before, but she knows she will love it. And then she sees the ocean and it is big and loud and rough.

That’s okay—Lulu wanted to build sand castles and fly her kite with Bingo anyway. But while they are building their sand castle, the sneaky ocean comes in and tries to steal Lulu’s favorite pail. This is a job for Ladybug Girl!

Lulu conquers her fear of the ocean when she remembers that Ladybug Girl can do anything, in this gorgeously illustrated companion to the popular series.

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