Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Books by Jennie Marlow

Jennie Marlow will be signing and discussing her books prior to the scheduled workshops on Thursday evening, July 8, 2010, at 7:00pm. For more about Jennie Marlow visit her website at

And for more information or to register for the workshops see my previous post.

100 Days of Wisdom: Inspiration from Spotted Eagle , Grandfather White Elk and White Buffalo

100 Days of Wisdom is a collection of powerful, inspiring quotations taken from the work of spirit guides, Spotted Eagle, Grandfather White Elk, and White Buffalo. Jennie Marlow’s guides challenge and motivate us to transform our perceptions of what is real, and to tackle life’s most persistent problems with willingness and determination. Presented in the style of a journal, the messages from Jennie Marlow’s guides are themed by subject in order to facilitate a process of discovery and meaningful change. This book contains 100 quotations, each presenting us with an opportunity to shift our perception of reality. This book can be used in a variety of ways—as a book of quotations selected at random, a daily journal, or as a process guide for individuals or groups. Each quotation provides the opening for a powerful spiritual inquiry.

Personal Magic: A Spotted Eagle and Grandfather White Elk Book

Spirit guides Spotted Eagle and Grandfather White Elk offer a compelling new model that allows us to embrace a reality not driven by fantasy or materialism, and that still affords us great freedom and peace of mind. They demonstrate how spiritual authenticity can give us access to our most powerful and intriguing possibilities. Personal Magic describes authenticity in real-world terms, as strengths and challenges, and as innate gifts and talents that we can employ in creating what fulfills our deepest desires for a joyful life. Personal Magic defines eight magic types. These magics express our uniquely human powers - the things that make us magical, creative, and able to build our lives on a foundation of what is real. This book offers fresh, no-nonsense insight into what human creative power is really all about, at the level of the individual, and how we might learn to dance with the uncertainties in the Universe that created us.

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