Friday, August 12, 2011

Author of "The Padre Predator" to be at Paragraphs

Shortly after we opened David and Mary Tannenbaum came into Paragraphs and we fell into that easy conversation that develops naturally between avid readers.  So we were honored and pleased when he asked us to carry and help promote his first mystery novel, The Padre Puzzle.

The Padre Puzzle is a mystery/thriller set on South Padre Island, Texas. And as the author says in a recent article, "Where do you start a mystery? With a dead man on a beach." The novel introduces us to Jimmy Redstone, an aging and somewhat irreverent Texas Ranger and his unlikely partner Angella Martinez a rookie beat cop.

Now David brings us the much anticipated sequel, The Padre Predator, another Jimmy Redstone /Angella Martinez thriller. Jimmy and Angella are given a special assignment from the President -- find the security breach within the highest level of the government, track down the remaining terrorists before they carry out their plan, keep the bomb (or bombs) from exploding, and, keep it all quiet. In this sequel to The Padre Puzzle, author David Harry takes us on a ride with more twists and turns than Pikes Peak and as the search for the bombs and for the plotters intensifies, Jimmy and Angella are swept from South Padre to Washington D.C. and to the jungles of Mexico, unsure who to trust as suspicion spreads to include even themselves. With each turn, it becomes obvious that things are not as they seem. Jimmy and Angella soon suspect that they are pawns in a game that they might not be able to win.

While Harry writes to entertain his audience his ideas do reflect his genuine concern for the security of our country.  Harry reflects on his inspiration for the Redstone novels, as reported in the Port Isabel Press:
We know that guns are getting smuggled at an ungodly rate.  We know that people are getting smuggled into the country.  If they can get those two things in, why nor smuggle other things? I start thinking about them bringing an atomic bomb into the country.
Harry adds that his series, including the second title, The Padre Predator, isn't meant to scare his readers, but to arouse their awareness of serious issues the United States faces. He hopes that his novel illustrates how the threat of smuggled weapons is real, and that at times our country, with its numerous bureaucracies and agencies, may struggle to stop the threat.

Since its debut, we have sold over 230 copies of The Padre Puzzle and it is becoming a top selling title at Paragraphs. Readers enjoy the many references to Island establishments and the novels contain a sense of local color that visitors and residents both can appreciate.

In advance of the formal release of his novel this fall, David is having a low-key meet and greet on August 13 between 1 and 3 to sign books and meet the growing number of Redstone and Martinez fans.  So stop by and say hello, he would love to meet and visit with you -- and who knows you may be a character in his next novel!

David Harry at Paragraphs
August 13, 2011
1-3 pm

David Harry is a Texas transplant, arriving in Dallas in 1989 from Pennsylvania by way of Ohio, New Jersey, and Florida and has been a part time resident of South Padre Island since 1992.  An engineer and patent lawyer for most of his professional life, David, and his lovely wife Mary, are planning to move to the Island permanently within the coming year and he hopes to devote more time to his writing.  That will be good news to the ever increasing number of Redstone and Martinez fans.

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