Thursday, April 17, 2014

"The Goldfinch" wins Pulitzer

The Pulitzer Prize has been awarded to "The Goldfinch" a book I listened to in audiobook format.  I loved the audiobook and have wanted to go back and read it in book form although I haven't had time to tackle the 784 pages. plot as described in the Washington Post  is as follows:
Thirteen-year-old Theo Decker and his mother visit a museum, only to be caught in a terrorist attack. Theo's mother is killed, and while Theo is picking his way out of the building a dying old man urges him to take a painting of a goldfinch, a minor masterpiece. Theo finds himself unable to return the painting and carries it West with him when he goes to live with his father in Las Vegas, then back to New York. As an adult, Theo becomes a suspect in the renewed search for the painting.

The Pulitzer award for fiction is awarded to a distinguished work by an American author preferably dealing with American life.  Also nominated as finalists in this category were "The Son," by Philipp Meyer and "The Woman Who Lost Her Soul," by Bob Shacochis.  I have recommended "The Son" to many readers and it is especially interesting to those who visit Paragraphs because it is a multi-generational tale of a Texas family.  But, "The Goldfinch" touched my heart on a deeper level and the characters are beautifully drawn.  I have not read the third finalist for this years award and will need to put it on my reading list.

You can buy this on Kobo and read it on any device that supports the Kobo app.

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