Sunday, June 19, 2016

Paragraphs continuing Meet the Author Series

Meet the Author Series at Paragraphs

Wednesday June 29th        5-7 PM
“Out Of the Depths”
Discussion and reception with author, David Harry Tannenbaum

A very special pre-release gathering for David’s new book about the guilt of a holocaust survivor.

In the operating room Bernard Helgman is a brilliant pediatric surgeon.  But his private life is hell – a hell fueled by guilt over his presence in a Nazi concentration camp infirmary while sadistic experiments were performed on fellow prisoners. Bernard’s career – indeed, the entire fabric of his life – are thrown into shambles when, decades later, a survivor recognizes and confronts him.
David’s exquisite novel explores the many losses of a Holocaust survivor, and his lonely struggle to find a meaningful “after Auschwitz” life. Pathos, humor and tragic love is woven into a powerful story of survivor’s guilt. Set aside some time and a box of tissues, you will need both.

David Harry Tannenbaum and his wife Mary live on South Padre Island with their dog Franco. When he isn’t writing, David enjoys kayaking, biking, and traveling. If David is off the island, he, Mary and Franco can usually be found enjoying their old stomping ground of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Thursday June 30th   1-3PM
      …And Then There Was CUBA
Book signing and discussion with author, Gwendolyn Cowgill
And then there was Cuba is an adventurous work of fiction, historically based on the true-life story of a family who gave up a comfortable, stable life in Indiana to move lock, stock and barrel to undeveloped La Gloria, Cuba. In 1899, The Cuban Land and Steamship Company began promoting throughout the US and Canada tracts of land in Cuba promising profits from growing citrus and sugar cane, and drawing in this family with the lure of free lands. The story is written in the voice of Elfie Irene, beginning at the age of twelve, and continuing as she matures in the dense jungles of dangerous Cuba; dangerous because of political turmoil and the influx of pirates, bandits, and ruffians infesting the burgeoning town of La Gloria. The pioneers strike out from the USA to give their lives to the promise of prosperity, tropical climate, and good health. That promise turns into a struggle of survival and disappointment when reality differs from promise. The main characters include Elfie and her parents, but to Elfie, the main character is Samuel Paul Cowgill, her true love from childhood. She waits 16 years for him to return to Cuba to ask for her hand in marriage. Through tragedy, peril, and suffocating heat, the story engages the audience through the years of difficulty until 1917. The family has foraged through four successful crops when the time comes for Elfie to face the trauma of leaving Cuba to be wed to Paul. In the meantime, Paul’s letters to Elfie begin to introduce a far, distant land as their destination following marriage. In 1909, his grandfather and father had moved to wild, and turbulent San Benito, Texas as entrepreneurs to invest in growing rice – also following the enticement of a tropical climate. Elfie Irene slowly becomes aware that once again, she is being asked to live the life of a pioneer.

Gwen’s first book, The “Other” Nancy Drew, will be available as well. Nancy is the precocious child who is expressing herself through art.

Gwendolyn Cowgill M. Ed. is a retired teacher, having spent many rewarding years with 5th and 4th graders and kindergarten students, as well as providing stimulating educational experiences for At-Risk Pre-Schoolers.

These events are free and open to the public.
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