Thursday, January 26, 2017

Meet the Author Series: "Dark Triad" by Mark W. Church

Dark Triad: Genesis

January 27, 2017


The Relief Zones (RZ’s) are billed as a place of refuge for American citizens, but in reality, they are hell on earth.

The United Federation, the new world’s multinational government, created the RZ’s as a way to control the world’s population. They are advertised as safe havens, flush with food and medical care. Instead, they are hotbeds of pestilence, violence, and agony. Self-reliant people all around the world, nicknamed “Bohemians,” see through the governments rouse. Preferring to control their own fate, they resist the government’s urgings to resettle in the RZ’s.

Amy, her husband Tom, and their daughter Kayla, live in rural America. Life’s new reality has its challenges but they are determined not to leave their home. One by one, they watch their neighbors abandon their community for the promise of the RZ. Content with their choice to stay put, the small family tries to live as normally as possible before Tom is killed during a botched robbery. Distraught and vulnerable, Amy and Kayla remain determined to stick it out. They manage for months until a group of soldiers inform them that remaining outside of the RZ is no longer an option. Forced to comply, their nightmare begins.

In the RZ, the girls encounter another Bohemian named Jake, who has something waiting for him beyond the slums. Equally determined to leave the RZ, they team up to attempt their escape. Their path to freedom will be dangerous; failure means certain death. Can they get out? Is there any hope to be found beyond the RZ? Amy, Kayla, and Jake refuse to believe otherwise.

Author Mark Church is a retired business owner, martial artist, survival hobbyist and extreme sports enthusiast. He is a proud husband and father of two. He used his extensive knowledge of the American heartland to plan his protagonists’ journey.

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