Sunday, August 26, 2018

Writers Workshop

Paragraphs is hosting the
POP! Writing Collective
Meeting the first Saturday of the month   2-4 PM
September 8th (Date change due to Labor Day weekend)
October 6th
November 3rd
December 1st

Paragraphs On Padre is hosting a writer’s workshop/critique group on the first Saturday of the month--but due to the craziness of Labor Day, the September meeting will be held the second Saturday. Our next workshop will be led by Kathy Trenfield Raines a founding member of the group.

We welcome all writers at all different skill levels, but this is an adults-only writing group (mature young adults, 14 and above, with a parent present, may be allowed--but use discretion as we will tackle adult topics, mature discussions, and difficult subjects from time to time). Here is a chance to meet other writers, improve your writing skills, discuss publishing, editorial advice, and critiquing but most of all interacting with other writers.

The session will be two hours long. Bring a pencil and paper and your active imagination.

This event is free and open to the public
Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard
5505 Padre Blvd. 
South Padre Island, TX


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