Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Block Building Foundation

After the pilings were finished it was time to build the masonry block retaining wall, which once filled with "dirt" will be the foundation upon which my bookstore and home will be constructed.

John Silar has explained that beach sand is rounded and cannot be compacted to make a solid base and so the sand that is used to create the foundation needs to be trucked in and has sharp edges that are readily compacted.

You would think that with all the sand on the lot more wouldn't be needed. How many grades and kinds of sand, dirt and fill material are there?

Finished retaining wall. I am going to feel like I am sitting on top of the world, literally, not metaphorically.

The support posts for yard fencing have been set in the block and secured with concrete.

So let's get the fill dirt trucks rolling!


Anonymous said...

Ran across your site through a link from Feet's blog. I am in Denver as well, and have a second home in Padre.

I wish you luck with your venture, as I can see myself being a steady customer. I love bookstores!!

Joni said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is a small world. We are preparing to leave tomorrow for the trek back to Denver. I am so-o glad that this will be the last time I need to pack up to travel back and forth. Looking forward to having the opportunity to serve your reading needs./Joni