Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Retaining Wall Foundation

This is the back side of the lot and believe it or not the standing water is because of the tide! The water table is high which of course would be expected, but I certainly didn't expect it to rise and fall with the tide. Anyway, a strip about 5' deep has been excavated around the back and north side of the lot. A foundation was poured for the retaining wall which will hold sufficient fill sand to raise the building to around 8' above sea level.

North side of lot

A whole lot of steel ready to be placed in the foundation to support the retaining wall

Pouring cement

This is the final foundation along the north and back side of the lot. The steel embedded in the concrete will form the structure for a masonry retaining wall built to the same height. I don't think the fill under our house will be going anywhere. The south side will be handled differently since the building sits on the property line.

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