Thursday, October 9, 2008

Books On The Nightstand

In an earlier post I told you how much of my time has been spent reading about books instead of actually reading books. In my search for information about bookselling, books, and authors I have been reading blogs, any link to a blog that has some relevance to books usually gets a click of my mouse, and a quick perusal of the site. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time wandering around the web and sampling a little of what each of these writers has to say about the books they love, their experiences in bookselling or writing, reading challenges and serious literary criticism . There are hundreds of blogs which have something to do with the written word, which when you think about it, may cast some doubt on all the research concluding that people no longer read.

I recently stumbled onto a site I love, it is informative, entertaining, and since a major part of the content is delivered by podcast, it can be enjoyed on the go.

Books on the Nightstand
is the collaborative effort of Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness. The emphasis of the blog is the weekly podcast which features a lively and informative discussion where Ann and Michael share their thoughts about some book related subject and tell their listeners what they have been reading and want to recommend.

Each 20 minute podcast has a basic three-part structure. To begin with the hosts discuss a topic of general interest to readers, or anyone involved with books. Ann and Michael then continue to explore the chosen topic by introducing a selection of titles that are somehow relevant to the subject.

Finally, in the third segment each host selects a favorite book, generally a new release, which they "can't wait for you to read". It is like walking into a bookstore and asking someone, what would you recommend, and getting an enthusiastic and knowledgeable response. But even if you don't plan to actually read the highlighted title, you will have enough information to impress your friends with how much you know about the latest book releases.

In the notes accompanying each podcast there is a list of the titles which are mentioned in the recording complete with all the information needed to order the book from a local bookstore or to easily locate the selection in your public library. If you want to know more about any of the books, each listed title is linked to LibraryThing where you can find additional information.

Ann and Michael make it clear that Books on the Nightstand, is a personal endeavor and not produced or sponsored by their employer. But their work experience with Random House shows in the expertise they bring to the project.

I think the logo is great, too!!

The newest episode has a discussion of novels that inspire movies. Listen here


Michael said...

Thanks so much for this great write-up Joni! We're so glad that we're filling a niche for book recommendations for you. Hopefully you'll get or have gotten a few good books added to your nightstand!

thanks again,

Adam said...

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Joni said...


I like the recommendations for my own nightstand but I will especially appreciate your recommendations when Paragraphs opens and I am asked "what should I read?" I have so much going on, right now, with getting a new bookstore up and running, that I haven't had the time to read that I would like.

I have also appreciated Ann's twitter friendship.