Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello Again

Those that follow me on Twitter know that my laptop decided it needed a break and just quit working more than a week ago. Without this old faithful friend I have been unable to update my blog but I'm back online now. Fortunately, the nice guys at Action Computer, didn't find anything seriously wrong and after a few tweaks to my video driver, a thorough cleaning (yes, the dust and dirt was getting a little thick), and a nominal $35 charge I'm up and running.

There are some advantages to forced computer and internet withdrawl. First, it allows one more time to read. I was able to get through several books on my to be read stack and with the tanking economy this escape was pure joy.

Since I couldn't do anything online, I spent the time focusing on preparing for the move to South Padre Island. Books and more books have found their way into boxes and have been hauled to the garage. Griff will arrive from New York on Friday and he plans to make sure the old "Raven" is prepared for the trip. On Monday, I have arranged to have a packing/moving service come and move any large pieces of furniture to the garage and pack any pictures lamps or other odd items.

When they have left, we can put my mother's house back together, so when she returns next spring it won't be to the tornado-struck mess of today.

The goal is to leave Denver early afternoon on Tuesday and head to the sandbar, and paradise. It will be a family trip - my mother, aunt, Griff, the bookends and me. We will find someplace to hang out on the Island for a few weeks while completing whatever final arrangements need to be made in order to move in. Griff heads back to New York on the December 1st and will arrange for the mover to pick up everything there (which was packed last summer) and then to make a stop in Denver and pick up the items stored in our garage. I should have "my stuff" delivered sometime before Christmas. Then I can work at unpacking, which will be quite an experience in itself!

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