Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love Your Small Bookstore Month

Hey, friends and neighbors

Will you help give Paragraphs and South Padre Island a little national exposure? I could use your help. Do you want to help get the Island known for something other than Spring Break in March? Read On..


Author Joe Hill has officially declared March Love-Your-Small-Bookstore Month.

In a couple of recent blog entries, he's talked about how important it is to shop at your local indies. The best part? All the comments from like-minded indie fans! Always great to read.

And to get even more people excited, he's throwing a contest: March-is-love-your-Indie-Bookstore-Month: The Contest.

From Joe:

How to Play: Go to a local independent bookstore. Buy something. Save the receipt. Send a photo or scan of the receipt to this address: Make sure either your e-mail or your receipt includes the name and phone number of the bookstore in question.

There is still time. And if you have already purchased something at Paragraphs this month, come in and I will be happy to print a new receipt.

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