Friday, March 13, 2009

Reading During Spring Break

I am not expecting crowds of spring breakers to be waiting at the doors of Paragraphs each morning next week, but on Monday the blog, The Elegant Variation had this entry:
Sisyphus chuckling: Trying to get college students to read over spring break.
The link is to an article appearing by Chris Pellegrini, arts and entertainment editor for The Stentor, titled Reading Over Spring Break is Not Blasphemy. He continues:
Spring break beckons and Foresters' thoughts turn towards debauchery. Alas, life does not have to be this way, even with official classes in recess the quest for knowledge can continue. While you sit on the beach, at the pool, or the bar longing for the days of lectures consider throwing a book into the beachbag. In this spirit, The Stentor asked members of the English department for their recommendation and a sales pitch selling their choice.
Anyone out there listening?

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