Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane: On sale today!

I have been waiting to put this book on the shelves - it is one I really enjoyed. What makes it an even better read is knowing that Katherine Howe is actually a descendant of Elizabeth Howe, one of the Salem residents accused of witchcraft in the 1600's.

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane is the number one IndieNext pick for June.
“Connie Goodwin should be writing her Ph.D. dissertation. Instead, her mother has asked her to handle the sale of Connie's grandmother's abandoned home near Salem, Massachusetts. While cleaning up the years of dust and cobwebs, Connie makes discoveries that lead her back to the world of the Salem witch trials. Howe does a superb job at combining modern day language with the 17th century voices, pulling you even deeper into a story of mystery and witches. Marvelous and terrifying at the same time. I loved it!”
—Annie Philbrick, Bank Square Books, Mystic, CT

We all know a lot about the revolutionary era in American history but I for one tend to ignore everything that came before or at least fail to think of the early and pre-colonial period as a separate time.

For anyone who has ever had an interest in the Salem witchcraft trials this book is for you. Anyone who likes historical fiction will find this a hard book to put down. Mystery lovers, this book will also satisfy your need for a crime-solving plot line.

The author takes an original look at the witch trials, and in the day of vampire and zombies, her approach is not as far-fetched as what it would have been several years ago.

What if there actually are witches? Is anyone with psychic powers a witch? This novel will have you asking new questions about our whole notion of witchcraft.

But most of all it is just a great story.

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