Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today at Paragraphs

With my increasing involvement in all the different avenues for conversation I have a problem remembering where I have posted certain things and I tend to opt for the quick message on Twitter and forget to take the time to update the blog. Ah, the many trials and tribulations of social media. It makes it easier to keep up to date with friends but it has its own difficulties.

I am hoping that when I finally get a web site up and running many of these loose ends will be tied together in a one stop place for information about Paragraphs. But that is in the future and so I will work at being better at writing (which those of you who know me well, realize is a constant challenge).

But I digress, the reason for writing this morning is to tell anyone who missed my Twitter, Facebook, or SPI forum posts, about the CD release party we are having this afternoon from 2-4.

One day last week I received a call from Robin Martz asking if we would be willing to provide a venue for Lisa Marshall, a R&B singer looking to establish a presence in the Texas music world. I found it a little strange that she would call me but learned that the link was my affiliation with the Indie movement. Whether it is a publisher, indie bookstore, or music label or artist, there is a wealth of talent and interesting material out there that gets passed up by the mainstream distribution channels.

So anyway, Lisa Marshall, who appeared last night at the Isla Grand, will be at Paragraphs this afternoon from 2-4 to perform some of her music and launch her new CD "Simple". I know it is late notice, but if you have had enough of the sand, sun and heat and would like to catch a little live music, while browsing our shelves, or just taking some time out to say hello, we would love to have you stop by.

For more information on Lisa, or here.

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