Saturday, February 13, 2010

Laguna Madre Writer's Forum

I feel so honored that the poets of the Laguna Madre Writer's Forum have been willing to meet at Paragraphs for their monthly readings. Unfortunately, the Saturday morning time does not seem to work for members and others who may be interested since we have not had many attend. So, we are looking to find a better time and day on which to hold these readings.

If you have been interested in attending and just have not been able to make it on Saturday morning, please let me know if there would be a more convenient time. I really would like to see this succeed because we have some truly talented writers in Port Isabel, the Island and the Laguna Madre area.

This morning, I listened to Arturo Saldana read his poem about the a young man's search to discover himself and another celebrating a special friendship and was moved by the beauty of his language and by the depth of feeling expressed in the reading. The poet Rudy Holland Garcia writes the most exquisite love poems which bring tears to ones eyes. It is wonderful for me to have what comes close to being a private reading by these talented artists and I thoroughly enjoy the discussion which follows, but we really need to have more people to both read or listen if this is to be a successful program.

Please send me your suggestions for a better time and how we can reach an audience of both writers and those who enjoy listening to wonderful poetry. This is a great opportunity to experience the power of language and literature but we need your help to make it a success.

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Patricia said...

I am sorry I have not been attending with all the health mayhem going on in my family. I did love being there for the readings and actually, Sat. morning is a good time for me. I will be there as soon as I possibly can. Thank you again for allowing us to do that there.