Monday, April 28, 2008

Has anyone missed me?

The last few weeks have not left much opportunity for keeping up with my writing, or, for that matter, anything else.

First, I had to make the US government and the beloved IRS happy by the 15th. I have never been very good about getting returns filed on time - at least not my own - but this year I filed my extension and actually completed my return by the 21st. I do believe this may be a record for me.

In celebration of being so efficient, the pod (my mother, my aunt, Griffy, Sophie and Sadie) made our annual trek to Grand Lake, Colorado, looking for moose. I do love South Padre Island, but it will be hard to leave my mountains behind. Anyway, I put Griffy on a plane back to Rochester, NY, this afternoon and I will be busy finalizing all the details for opening the store and making the move to Texas.

I performed my first civic duty as a Texas resident, last week. I completed and mailed my absentee ballot for the town election. I hope my candidates are successful.

Sophie and Sadie are missing their big Papa, so I think I'll go give them a little attention. Then tomorrow I can put my nose back to the grindstone.


Sam said...

I went to the doctor several years ago - actually a nurse practitioner named Darrel Stange here at SPI Clinic next to the Blue Marlin, highly recommended for local stuff, and he said if you live on SPI you have to leave the Island lots of times or you'll go nuts. Colorado, anywhere.

So you have a free pass up to the mountains whenever you want. I was wondering though, do you ever specialize in historical American people like Ambrose Bierce? -sam wells

Joni said...


I think the Ambrose Bierce Site by Don Swain has a lot of interesting information about Bierce. It is located at

Are you more interested in biographical information or his actual writings? Most of his work is out of copyright, so there is a lot available online.