Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mayor's Pick for the Month

Peter and the Starcatchers
Author: Dave Barry
and Ridley Pearson
Publisher: Disney Books
Mass Paper: 480 pages
Price: $7.99

Book Review:
Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

by Jerry Wright

This is theoretically a prequel to the original Peter Pan story, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I get the feeling that Barry and Pearson have never read the original, because so much of it is Disney, and so little is Barrie. Does this make it a bad book? No, not at all. It was extreme fun, well written, and with two very enjoyable protagonists: Peter (of course) and a "kick-butt and take names" 14-year-old young lady named Molly Aster, who is an apprentice "Starcatcher".

So, anyway, this book tells the story of how Neverland came to be, how the mermaids were created, where Tinkerbell came from (and I guess where all the little flittery fairies must come from), how Peter learned to fly, how Hook came to be, and oh yes... That magic dust. Which reminded me of Cheech and Chong's "Santa Claus and His Old Lady".

If all you know is Disney, you'll probably love this story. If you are a J.M. Barrie purist, I imagine you'll dislike it intensely. And if you just would like a light-hearted adventure book with some interesting characters, well, I'd say read Peter and the Starcatchers. This book has been popular enough that there will be at least one sequel, and perhaps other "Starcatcher" books. For an enlightening look at the authors, Powell's Books in Portland, OR interviewed the authors on their book tour.

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Sam said...

Wow that cool, Dave Barry, the ole funny man from the Miami Herald and now syndicated humorist. After all those kerploding toilets, who would have thunk it?

I even saw him play in his rock band in Austin. Boy they stunk but we all had a great time.

I'm glad he went into this with (what I understand) is a fairly well known writer of thriller novels. That's way cool. Be sure to stock some for the new store!