Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boomerang Billy - Sodus Point , NY

As Griff begins to realize that his wife is serious about moving to SPI and opening a bookstore he has started to discuss my plans, and hopefully his, with more of the residents of Alton and Sodus Point NY.

Even though we have been wintering on the Island for a number of years, most of our NY neighbors were still a little confused about where he disappeared to for the winter. But as word spread, we were again reminded of what a small world we actually live in.

Boomerang Billy, the legendary character of the Island was originally from Sodus Point NY and while Griff knows his brother, they never made the connection between Griff's winter destination and South Padre Island until just recently. So I am really excited because he has a wealth of information about John McMahon (Boomerang) which he is willing to share but what I am really thrilled about is the boomerang which he has given me to display in Paragraphs.

I am honored to be able to provide this little bit of historical information to what is already well known about our sandbar.


Rob Nixon said...

very cool.

Joni said...

That's what I thought. Griff says his brother tells some pretty funny stories about when they were young (teens) and still hanging out on the beach in Sodus Point.

I'm thinking it might be fun to have him come to the Island and visit with the Historical Committee and anyone else who might be interested.

I'll email Steve Hathcock when I get a chance.

Rob Nixon said...

I would love to know when he comes down. Either I can send notice to our members about Steve's deal, if he does one, or I would love to arrange something for our members.

Joni said...

OK, It sounds as if I have the interest behind a possible event for Paragraphs.

I'll put this idea on the priority list and will see what I can get scheduled.

First, I need to get moved and that task is looking monumental right now!!