Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Book, One Denver

I have not followed Denver politics very closely over the last few years but from a distance I have been impressed with the direction Mayor Hickenlooper has taken the city.

One of my favorite projects of the Mayor's is his citywide book club known as One Book, One Denver. I realize this is not a unique program, but in fact has been implemented in many cities across the country as a means to encourage reading and to promote literacy, but that doesn't lessen my approval of "Hick" in his advocacy for literature in the public forum.

One Book, One Denver was created to build community and encourage people to read. Denver citizens, young and old, are invited to join others in the shared experience of reading the same book and participating in fun activities in September and October.

As an email, announcing the 2008 selection states:
Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone all over our city were reading and talking to one another? One Book One Denver aims to ignite that kind of enthusiasm for books and conversation by inviting all of us in Denver and the metro area to read the same book, and then discuss the book with friends, family and neighbors.
2008 is the fifth year of One Book, One Denver and the Mayor has just announced The Thin Man by American author Dashiell Hammett as this year's selection.

I think this could be a great idea for South Padre Island, and we could advertise it throughout the valley, inviting people from Brownsville, Harlingen, McCallen, as well as the smaller communities to take part. Our neighboring schools and libraries could also be included, encouraging a sense of inclusiveness among our neighbors.

Following is a list of free events offered by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, as a part of One Book, One Denver, to give you an idea of what is possible.

One Book, Many Films
Enjoy free film screenings of classic and modern hardboiled detective and film noir movies!

The Thin Man Radio Dramas
Join in as an audience member for tapings of an old-fashioned radio drama or download the podcast!

Three Thin Discussions
Join us for exciting discussions about topics from the book, from some of Denver's most engaging experts!

Writing Workshop
Interested in writing a novel, but having a difficult time getting started? This workshop is for you!

Power Read
Join a community read along of The Thin Man... We will start at the beginning and leave no page unturned!

Brown Bag Lunch with Library of Congress Historian John Cole
Bring your lunch and join a discussion about our national Library!

One Book, One Denver Final Celebration
Join Mayor John Hickenlooper for a celebration of this year's One Book, One Denver selection!
Teen Fiction Contest
Are you a young author? We want to see your skills!

Book Club in a Bag
8 copies of The Thin Man, 8 reading guides, 1 tote bag and your book club!

The Thin Man at the Kirkland
Enjoy discounted tickets to the Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

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