Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard, LLC

I have had a million topics over the last week or so to write about but somehow just never seemed to be able to put anything on paper, or should that be on-screen.

There are dozens of pieces to the puzzle known as Paragraphs and right now it seems like they will never fit together. Any of you who have put together jigsaw puzzles may understand the feeling - first, you pick out the straight edge pieces and assemble the border, then you continue to lay out as many of the pieces as will fit on your table, maybe even sorting them by color. Up to this point the process has been made up of short term, definable goals but now with all 1500 nearly identical pieces spread out everywhere the vision of a completed puzzle seems nearly impossible to imagine. How are all these little pieces ever going to fit into the whole and where does one begin?

Well, that is the position I feel like I am in. The border is completed and all the details are laid out, posted to some computer file, jotted down on a card somewhere, filed in a folder, or just rattling around in my brain and waiting to be put in place. But instead of being able to begin assembling the pieces it seems I just keep finding additional pieces and I can't see where they will ever all fit together!

One section of the puzzle which seems to be coming together - like when you are able to find all the copyright pieces and connect them to the border in the lower right hand corner - is the legal formation of a company.

After mulling things over and over and over I finally just made a decision and chose the Limited Liability Company to be the business structure for Paragraphs. For all those marketing types I am a testament to the power of TV advertising - since Robert Shapiro and the ads for LegalZoom.com began to penetrate my brain and I thought, why not? Well here I am a week later and I have a professional-looking leather-bound portfolio with Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard, LLC, embossed in gold on the spine, complete with a State of Texas certificate recognizing the company's existence, a company seal, and all the other necessary legal documents. They also prepared the applications for a Federal ID number and State of Texas Sales Tax Certificate. I was hesitant about using an on-line company, but for the limited purpose of getting the necessary papers on file, with the correct federal and state agencies, where an attorney would be helpful but not required, this service can save a lot of time and headaches for a reasonable cost.

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