Sunday, January 6, 2008

Children's Book of the Month

I attended my first Board of Aldermen meeting last Wednesday and was excited to see the Mayor's proclamation which demonstrates a community awareness of the importance a love of reading has on literacy levels.

The establishment of the Children's Book of the Month reads:

WHEREAS, The Mayor's Children's Book of the Month Club is an endeavor of the South Padre Island Public Library Reading Room to partner with leaders in its community to stimulate an interest and lifelong love of reading in children: and

WHEREAS, As Mayor, I will assist the library by publicly supporting this initiative and call on all residents to be aware of the Club's significance to the Laguna Madre area and show support and raise the level of awareness about the importance of literacy; and

WHEREAS, I am enthusiastic about the club, as well as an advocate of the library, and will recommend a different book monthly for our children to read.

Congratulations to the Mayor for taking a stand for reading!!

I haven't read much about this initiative in the local press, but I need to check out what programs and activities are available to encourage the community to actually read and discuss the monthly selection.

When Paragraphs is open for business this is the type of community program we are looking forward to supporting.

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