Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Grubbing" Commences

The long awaited day finally arrived, as usual, when least expected. After making a daily run south along Padre Boulevard each morning to check if there was any activity at 5505, this morning I was just catching up on some correspondence and hanging out at the La Quinta, with no intentions of going anywhere.

When my Google sidebar notified me of an e-mail from John Silar titled "A Start", I must admit that my heart skipped a beat. It took a minute or two to round up the dogs, Mother and Griff, but then we were off to check things out.

My new word of the day is "grubbing" which is the removal of vegetation from the building site. That is what is happening today in preparation for laying a foundation for the retaining wall, which will be built to contain enough fill material to raise the site to an acceptable elevation. My little piece of sandbar is just a little above sea level so all this gets more complicated.

The morning's work resulted in a small pile of grass and sand which had been scraped together. But Sam made a lot of progress and by 3:30 a sizable amount of surface debris had been removed.

It's time to call the chamber of commerce and schedule an official ground-breaking! Now the countdown to opening day can begin in earnest and my days of leisure will be coming to an abrupt end.

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