Thursday, January 17, 2008

Patience Is a Virtue!!

I am a confirmed procrastinator and always operate more efficiently under a certain amount of pressure. Going with the flow comes pretty naturally to me - one of the reasons why South Padre Island appeals to me. However, I must admit to an almost irresistible urge to find a shovel and move some dirt on the lot at 5505 Padre. The idea of building a bookstore on the island has evolved over several years and now I must confess to wanting to "get on with it".

My focus has been on the building and each day I anxiously drive south on Padre Blvd. from the La Quinta and hope to see something going on - but to no avail. So to take my mind off of the bricks and mortar part of my new venture, I am going to switch my focus to the operational details, all those things I can do something about. There are really so many details to take care of that it seems overwhelming. A September opening seems like ages away, yet time does seem to fly by and I need to get an action plan together.

So...I pledge to not worry about the construction - I will leave that to the expertise of John Silar, architect extraordinaire, and to take care of my end of things.

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