Monday, January 7, 2008

Two weeks in paradise

It's amazing! We have been here for two weeks and I have yet to accomplish a lot of what I know needs to be done on the bookstore business agenda. There is something about this island living which defies the sense of time. Minutes just drift by into hours which flow into days and before one knows it two weeks have just rolled by.

I am surprised when I hear the complaints that there is "nothing to do" on the island. What ever happened to our ability to be content within ourselves and just relish the ability to live and appreciate each moment. The need to be entertained or busy is a phenomenon I don't completely understand.

To catch up with what has been happening, we got here the 23rd of December and spent Christmas Eve getting settled in at our home away from home - the La Quinta. The staff does a great job of taking care of their Winter Texans, who have been spending several months here, every year, since the hotel opened five or six years ago.

Christmas Day was an absolutely glorious day. It was unusually beautiful even for South Padre Island. The gulf was a vivid blue, smooth as glass, there wasn't a drop of wind and the cobalt sky didn't have a cloud anywhere in sight.

I decided to be brave and take sandy feet up on her, open to everyone Christmas open house. The idea of someone just opening their doors and inviting anyone who wishes to join her for a Christmas Brunch, complete with mimosas, intrigued me, to say the least. So I gathered up all my nerve and just went on over!! I am so glad I did. Everyone welcomed me and I immediately felt like an accepted member of the island community. Thanks to all of you for being so kind.

My mother and I then joined the La Quinta crowd for a real turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Griff (my uxorious husband) arrived the Friday night before New Year's. Picking someone up at the Brownsville airport is such a joy. We greeted the New Year by watching the wonderful fireworks over the Laguna Madre at midnight and with a brief walk on the beach New Year's Day. After discovering a perfect hamburger sea bean on New Year's Day, I expect to have good luck in 2008, since it must be some kind of omen. Finding that little treasure made it worthwhile to brave the wind and cold out on the dunes.

That should bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on here. Now it is time to get motivated and start working on bookstore plans.

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