Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Groundbreaking Pictures

New golden shovels ready for action

And we can't forget the important stuff

We ended up with a really nice crowd - around 50 people. It was encouraging to have such an enthusiastic reception.

From Griff, Mother, Sophie, Sadie, and me - Thank You to everyone.

I don't think Garco will be hiring her any time soon

But if they change their mind she's ready.

The Chamber of Commerce and "The Islanders" know how to make someone feel wanted.

And the Garco crew added life to the party!!

Thanks again everyone. I love this place!!!

1 comment:

Lisa L said...

Let's try this again!

Joan loved the pictures and felt part of the action! I think she wishes there'd been a gold shovel in her honor in the shot! :)

I loved the fact you included "the girls". We call our two Schnauzers "the girls" too.

Take care!~