Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Shall I Say?

It's Tuesday afternoon and the official Groundbreaking Ceremony for Paragraphs is just a couple of hours away. In true Padre fashion, I stopped by Captain Alan Stewart's place this morning and he is preparing a sign for the occasion. Toucan Graphics also came through with some business cards on a few hours notice. Finally, a stroll down the aisles at the Blue Marlin--a cooler, wine, beer, a couple bottles of champagne--and we're set.

My problem now is what do I say? For a pathologically shy person, like me, the idea of being the center of attention is something I worry for days about. Add to that, the need to actually give some type of a talk - Oh My!! Two hours away and the terror is setting in. What if no one comes, it will be so-o-o embarrassing.

Now focus Joni. What is important about today?

  • A chance to thank the Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this event.
  • Thank those wonderful people who end up taking some of their time to show up.
  • Introduce my financial partner who keeps me focused --Thanks, Mom
  • Introduce my husband and rock -- Love you, Griffy
  • Then there is Dennis Franke - When we couldn't decide whether to build a house in the Shores (it would have been a stretch) or have the store and house for the same money - Dennis encouraged me not to give up on my dream and go for the bookshop. He helped us find and purchase a suitable lot and provided a lot of good advice. Someday, Dennis, that home in the Shores is on the agenda. Well, maybe.
  • The design and construction management is in the able hands of John Silar from Harlingen. It took us a while to finally get started - John had preliminary plans for the building a year ago - but his patience has been extraordinary. I appreciate his expertise at getting the best quality for the best price. He also has utilized some "greener" technology which makes me feel good and will also be more energy efficient.
  • Garco Construction, the general contracting firm is from San Benito and I am really pleased with this selection. B. J. and Junior are such nice guys and now I understand why John told me that if he was building a new house of his own he would have B. J. handle the general contracting. I am sure I will test their good humor when I start making changes!!
In general though, I feel very lucky to have such a good team. I can go back to Denver and focus on the business end of things and prepare to relocate without any worries about the building construction.

But what about my vision for the store. What will my business add to the town? I believe that literature has so much more to offer us beyond it's entertainment value.

  1. A community place where people can come to debate, discuss and share ideas. Reading allows us to examine things outside our own experience and having a dialogue is the second step in taking part in the "Great Conversation" that has been going on for centuries.
  2. Work to promote literacy and the love of reading.
  3. Be a gathering place for readers and writers alike. Provide an alternative to social networking on-line by giving people a place to engage in real face-to-face conversation.
  4. Promote the ideal of life-long learning as an equal partner with exercise and diet as a source of improving our lives.

Ok, I think I have some ideas. Please don't rain!! Guess I better get going.

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bettyworm said...

Sounds like you have great enthusiasm and passion. And how intriguing the community of SPI is! All the best - can't wait to see pictures!