Monday, May 12, 2008

Construction Photos

Garco Construction e-mailed these photos several weeks ago but I had some trouble getting them posted here. For the residents of the Island these are old news but for those of us who are following from a distance, this is the latest photo update.

Once the retaining wall was built then filled and compacted, and the pilings drilled and filled with concrete, the next step was pouring the concrete slab or foundation. These photos are of this process. This photo is of the south side of the building. The top of the retaining wall is shown, and the steel bars that reinforce the wall are "woven" through the piers below. Now the foundation of the building is being tied into this network of steel.

The whole thing is like a huge steel basket, woven together and fastened with concrete. If the "big one" hits, and the Island goes there is not much that man can build to stand up to the full power and force of nature. But, I am comfortable that it is going to take a pretty angry Mother Nature to wash away the structure of this building.

In the last two photos it is finally possible to see the outline of the building. The area in the front, where the concrete is being poured will be the bookstore, and the area in the rear (closest to the camera) will be the residence. The center, which has been left as dirt will be a courtyard which will be open to the public and may be used to host events.

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