Monday, May 19, 2008

Spare Change?

The business plan for Paragraphs has been a work in process but the time has come to commit it to paper and say enough, it is finished. Like nearly all human endeavors in life, opening a small business, requires money, and a consistent and reliable source of it.

It is now time for me and my brain child, Paragraphs, to find a local bank and establish a line of credit. I view the banking relationship as a partnership. Going forward with this attitude helps me overcome feeling like I am standing on the street corner brandishing a placard, constructed from a piece of cardboard torn off an old tomato box, on which is written in crayon or a borrowed felt pen "Spare Change?"

Once a partnership has been established I am sure the day to day communications with the formidable man behind the desk will become less formal and it will be simple to convince him what a grand idea it is to advance me some more money to buy some more books . But, before that can happen it will be necessary for me to convince some Mr. Banker that he wants to, indeed cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity, to loan me money and accept my deposits.

For the small business, the business plan is the cardboard sign of the street corner huckster. And finishing a plan for Paragraphs is my mission-see I even have the jargon down-for the week.


Rio Grande V said...

Ms. Joni,

I do hope your book store flourishes. I do plan on visiting it when it opens and I am on the Island.

I pray the banker is good to you and you find an agreeable rate of interest.


Joni said...

To rio grande v:

Thank you for your good wishes and I look forward to meeting you in person. I also welcome any suggestions as to titles, authors or literature genres in which you are particularly interested.

I enjoy your blog!

Rio Grande V said...

Ms. Joni,

Thank you, I am glad someone does. According to another blogger, I "stive to be thoughtful" but alas probably provide "too much 'Inside Baseball'". Had no idea! I am a drunk, not thoughtful.


E-mail me and we shall talk books, etc.!

I visit your blog everyday, and I enjoy it as well.