Monday, May 19, 2008

Personal Reflections on a Monday Morning

The need to be part of a group-to be listened to, to feel as though I have something to contribute to a discussion, to be respected for what I have to offer- drives me to the computer and the online SPI Forum.

Then, like any introvert, who after the party, reflects on and punishes herself with recriminations over words said, speeches made, jokes shared; so am I after a weekend of spirited online posting over the town of South Padre Island going wireless with a Municipal WiFi netwok.

What an inane topic to pontificate on and endlessly debate when there are so many more important issues locally and globally. What a waste of time!

One would think that online discussion would encourage a more thoughtful and reasoned approach to debate. A person is able to think out a position, make sure it is presented logically and then, after further reflection, decide whether to post or not to post. But this is not what happens-with me it becomes a type of addiction.

Can it be that each of us in our online world is seeking to satisfy some unknown need? Am I like the alcoholic, who returns to the bottle, knowing that the temporary high will not last or satisfy the underlying need, but will only lead to additional self-doubt or embarrassment?

So with those thoughts, I am ready to start a new week.

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