Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Off-Topic - But Senator Kennedy Is On My Mind

I have just been thinking what a loss it will be if Senator Kennedy cannot return to Washington D.C.

It doesn't really matter what your politics are, the man is an institution and is able to get more accomplished on both sides of the aisle than is often recognized. He has a rare personality for a politician, one that does not need to be center stage. He is uniquely able to stand back and allow others to bask in the limelight and take credit for legislation he is responsible for getting enacted through sheer perseverance and negotiating skill. Few others have the ability to bring together all the diverse interests to get the work of the government accomplished.

So, I am just offering a prayer for his family and hoping he will survive this new trial. He is not known as the Liberal Lion for nothing, and I will certainly miss his impassioned speeches on the Senate floor.

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Rio Grande V said...


Personally, I will miss his impassioned Spanish seranades.

They are awful but endearing.