Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Better Late than Never

OK, I need to 'fess up. I have not checked or read many of the posts in my Reader and Live Bookmarks for nearly a month. Just monitoring my blog and email has kept me occupied, so I missed congratulating Lori Wells on her acceptance into a doctoral program at UTB.

Lori was accepted to the doctoral program at UTB! Only ten out of 200 made it.

Way to go Lori, and achieving the wisdom that comes after 50 years calls for celebration, too (I know, I passed my 50th several years ago and after the initial depression, I decided that life gets less complicated as the years go by -- or so I tell myself.

I met Lori last Christmas at Sandy Feet's Christmas Party and found her to be friendly, open, warm and interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation in Lucinda's shady backyard oasis. I know Lori will be a great success and provide a valuable contribution to the educational needs of the ESL students in the area.

Oh, I suppose I shouldn't forget to say how great it is that Sam and Lori also celebrated an anniversary at the same time.

That must have been some party!!

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