Monday, June 23, 2008

More from Alton, New York

Friday was Griff's birthday and Cheri, Burt and lots of other volunteers from the Cracker Box Palace, hosted a barbecue supper for him and we had a splendid turnout.

The evening was beautiful and it was especially fun for me, since I had the chance to visit with friends I had not seen in quite awhile.

I'm not sure who -- the girls or Griff -- is enjoying his new recycled 3-wheeled bicycle more. The residents of the Alasa Farm community saved it from the junk heap, acquiring it in trade from the prior owners, who agreed to provide a home for an abandoned pig.

Such is life on the farm.

For me the packing continues. What a mess!!

I don't think I'll miss this Art Deco chandelier, although it is certainly a conversation piece.


Anonymous said...

In such an odd day full of conspiracy, conflict, and anger, it feels nice to be able to look at your pictures of your pets and smile. Thank you for that.


Joni said...

I am glad I could make someone smile, what more could I ask?

Alton is pretty rural, and I must admit to being less than vigilant about making an effort to keep up with the news online.

Unfortunately, I know that when I re-enter the world, we will still be "winning in Iraq" and rattling sabers at Iran.

That being said, this news junkie is feeling some withdrawal jitters and I think I may catch up on my Google Reader backlog tonight.

I am reading "The Insidious Fu Manchu" by Sax Rohmer, not the most serious subject matter, but it does remind me how easy it is for us to vilify the outsider or those we do not understand.

Oh dear, the girls are after a cat. I am off to the rescue!/JSM

Anonymous said...


I wasn't really talkin' about Iraq. But I do like to think we are doing some good over there.

But yes, the picture did make me smile. I am still smiling now. It was another day of crud that just shouldn't be happening. But such is life.

I must say I am not an avid read of probably the things you probably read. I am mostly into American history and Mexican American history books. I do love legal biographies.

I am in the process of reading four books at the same time. I don't know why I am doing that.

I just get bored and want to read the next book. Then do, and read another, back to the first than the fourth, then back to the 3rd. Endless cycle. And I am still not done well I did finish number 1, but it isn't fair. I already read that one once a long time ago.

Alas, maybe I will finish book 2 through 4. When do you return home?