Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello from Kennebunkport Maine

I just finished the last lobster of my annual or biennial lobster fix. This one was consumed at Mabel's in Kennebunkport. George Herbert was in town, and the Texas flag was proudly waving under the Stars and Stripes alongside the Maine flag. Before that was the Trenton Lobster Hut outside Bar Harbor and Nunan's at Port Porpoise north of Kennebunkport.

The computer access has been less than stellar on our trek across the Dakota's, through north Minnesota and Canada, and on through Maine, as we head to Alton NY to do some packing for the move to Texas. Since I am about out of battery right now, I will sign off and complete this travelogue later. Besides, I need to relax and savor the memory of the succulent lobster feast I just enjoyed.

There was a news crew at the restaurant filming for Channel 5, Boston, and they wanted shots of the lobster dinner - and since I was the only one with a lobster for lunch, I should be part of the latest Kennebunkport TV promotional campaign. I did my best to show how to break off the little legs and claws before tackling the body and tail.

Need to go before I lose this whole post. Until later. And, please, go to the sidebar, click on the link to the survey and let me know what you look for in a bookstore.


Rio Grande V said...


I've been wondering where you've been off to. I have not hear a peep from your blog since the great storm in Colorado. I was beginning to get worried about you.

You just made me hungry again and I just ate! LOL


Sam said...

Awesome, Joni. My folks are just down the road in Camden and have been know to frequent the lobster festivals such as in Rockport (or is it Rockland, I get confused). Ah, I must hie myself up there, perhaps just after Labor Day.

Myself I found the lobsters to be a little high-priced, but became a fiend for the best lobster roll on the coast. Some of the best were the cheapest, interestingly, like a shack by the wharf. Yeah, my parents know the owners by name, even.

Glad to see you're having fun. As a parting shot, we always pointed at the turn-off to Kennebunkport and said that's where the Bushes summer (pronounced "summah"). Last time we saw a big moose pooping there! -sam