Saturday, July 12, 2008

Post Office Problems

"Sandy Feet" has a post on the SPI Forum discussing problems she has been experiencing with the SPI Post Office.

Most recently, at least one copy of the New Yorker - a weekly magazine to which I have been subscribing even longer than I have had my current post office box address (over two decades) - was returned as undeliverable. As a result, they stopped sending them to me. It took two months and three phone calls to get them to start sending them again.

So when I saw this at Hang Fire Books I just couldn't resist sharing it.

A 1913 NY Times article includes a query from a citizen to the Post Office inquiring whether they could send a baby through the mail:
Sir: I have been corresponding with a party in Pa about getting a baby to rais (our home being without One.) May I ask you what specifications to use in wrapping so it (baby) would comply with regulations and be allowed shipment by parcel post as the express co are to rough in handling.

So, you see Sandy, it is all relative. A home without a New Yorker is serious but when mailing the baby we can't trust anyone but the good old USPS.

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Lucinda said...

Thanks for helping me get a perspective on this... ;-)