Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nuclear Correction

On July 4th I posted a note regarding nuclear energy facilities along the Ohio River, or what I believed were nuclear generators, and received this comment from Sam:

FYI, that picture of the electrical generating station with the two huge cooling towers seems to be a coal-powered utility. The three main conveyor belts are a major tip-off. There are a great number of coaling facilities such as this one along the rivers so they can get cooling water and barged coal.

My knowledge of nuclear power facilities comes from the plants located on Lake Ontario, in Oswego and Ontario, NY. The cooling towers at these power plants look like those we observed along the Ohio, and I always thought this style tower was indicative of nuclear power. I wondered why they would have the coal conveyors at a nuclear plant - it didn't make sense!!

Thank you Sam for the clarification. I think I feel better and it certainly explains what appeared to be a definite lack of security compared to the New York facilities.

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