Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Selecting a Color for Paragraphs

Construction on Paragraphs has proceeded to a point where there are some important decisions to be made. John (the architect) and BJ (the contractor) had mentioned that it would be a good plan for me to make a trip to the Island the week of the 4th so we could select a stucco color and the corresponding color for gutters and trim.

I did not relish the idea of heading to SPI over the 4th, and of course we were also to be in the middle of this meandering trip back to Denver. What to do?

I explained to John that there is a restaurant in Denver, Bonefish Grill, which has a sophisticated-looking color scheme and the manager had agreed to give us the details one time when we were having dinner there. So, it seemed like a simple matter, just give the restaurant a call, get the name of the colors and relay this information to John. What could go wrong?

Well, after getting a somewhat lukewarm response from the manager, who seemed to have had a sudden attack of amnesia, I telephoned the corporate headquarters which are located in Florida. While sitting on hold, waiting to be connected to the construction department, I kept looking at my hat, hanging over the seatback in front of me. Finally, I was connected to the Bonefish construction offices and was informed these color schemes were strictly proprietary.

With this bit of news I was faced with the need to become creative, quickly. Suddenly, I was struck by the color of the brim, on my canvas, Grand Lake, hat. This led to a search for a Post Office or UPS store and the loss of one hat, temporarily.

John, confirmed that he received this unique color swatch, yesterday. I hope it will give him enough information to match stucco colors!!


Mike said...

please make it a beachy color and light..brown and orange is so depressing and seems like everyone especially the t-shirt shops are using it...this is not santa fe...the shores is what a beach should look like....it gives peace to the eye which is what padre is about

Joni said...

I hope you will be pleased with the colors and overall appearance of Paragraphs when the construction is finished.

Colors are so personal and subjective in nature that it is hard, at least for me, to define "beachy" or to find something that will please everyone.

The best I can do is to select colors that won't be offensive and which exhibit a modicum of good taste, or at least satisfy my definition of classic style and taste, and then hope that my new friends and neighbors will agree or at least accept the spirit in which I made these decisions.

I do appreciate your comment and thank you for visiting and taking an interest./Joni