Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Comes Next?

When I think back to the beginning of the year and when construction started on Paragraphs, it seems like ages ago.  And, yet, when I try to quantify the progress I have made in preparations for opening the business it seems as if I haven't been doing anything.

There was a column in the American Bookseller's Association newsletter, recently, which printed the responses of several new bookstore owners to a question which appeared on the ABA's bookseller-to-bookseller forum.  Someone had asked, "If you could do it over again what would you have done differently in planning and opening a bookstore?" Now, why didn't I think to ask someone that?

Well, I'm not open, and I probably wouldn't actually change anything, since this silly dream of mine, just seemed to take on a life of its own, but if I were to admit there could have been an easier way, it would probably be not to do everything at once.

Building a new home, creates a whole set of questions to be answered, decisions to be made and expectations to meet.  I never dreamed of having the opportunity to build a home from the ground up and have it be just the way I wanted.  The problem then, becomes knowing what my idea of a dream home is and then adjusting to the reality of what I can afford.

Next, occupying this dream home of mine has meant consolidating and packing all those things that one just can't bear to part with - a duck my aunt gave me when I was born that has long since lost most of its stuffing - from two locations. And, the next issue is figuring how to get these precious possessions from New York and Colorado to Texas.  That, I think I will leave up to Griffy - it seems like a job he should be able to handle, and after all, what are husbands for.

Anyway, I have just realized that most of my efforts have been focused on the above challenges, and my timeline and bookstore opening checklist doesn't have many items crossed off, and I think I am woefully behind schedule.

Let me think, there is shelving to order, computer systems to evaluate, paperwork to complete for vendor accounts, opening inventory to choose, a website to design....

With that, I think  I'll end this and take the dogs for a walk.


Sam said...

Don't feel bad, Hurricane Dolly took about a week and a half from everybody and some maybe much, much longer. Some of us were lucky, like your place seemed fine and our house was OK.

I'm sure you have plenty to do but on the sales side, I was wondering if you'd have a "nautical section" with some pirates, maritime history, fishing stories, and even the Texas Navy. I don't know it if would sell good but there are lots of sports fishermen and sailors on the island. Can't think of any new authors or books but I'll look around.

By the way, nice Blogger format you have here ... mine is getting stale and yours looks so great!

Joni said...


Good idea. I will mention it to my book distributor and see what they have that may be interesting.

I have been playing around with some of this web stuff, so I can become more familiar with it before I put together an actual website. It is so-o frustrating at times and it takes me forever. So thanks for the kind words.