Sunday, August 24, 2008

Denver on Display

Watching some of the television coverage about the Democratic National Convention I am struck by the beauty of my fair city.

Denver has gone through growing pains like many other metropolitan areas but I think we have handled a lot of the issues with a vision to the future. As many cities have continued their growth to the suburbs and ex-burbs Denver has made a conscious effort to move or to keep our large venues within the city center or what the locals call LoDo (lower downtown).

Specifically, Invesco Field, Pepsi Center, Coors Stadium, Elitches(Six Flags), the Convention Center, the Center for the Performing Arts, to name a few are all located within the downtown area of the city, and as I am watching an interview hosted at the C-SPAN convention studio, many of these facilities are in full view with the mountains providing a stunning backdrop.

For those people who still live in the suburbs our new light rail makes access to the downtown area fast, convenient and inexpensive. Our housing developments are beginning to become clustered around the light rail system and feature mixed use dwelling styles so small independent grocers and other necessary retail shops are incorporated as part of each condo complex and are within walking distance of a transportation hub, either light rail, bus system or some type of shuttle service. Most of our downtown areas have been revitalized with a comfortable mix of retail, residential(lofts and condos) and business interests.

I must admit I am quite proud of Colorado and Denver. Now, as long as our police and other law enforcement agencies don't get carried away while balancing the tension between security and civil liberties when dealing with protest groups - I think our many visitors will enjoy their time here and those watching should see a beautiful, modern and dynamic city.

Much as I love SPI and am looking forward to moving in October -- Denver will always be my home and I will miss much of what this city has to offer.

Tomorrow, and for the rest of the week, I plan to head downtown each day and absorb as much of the atmosphere as I can. C-SPAN will give the viewer some good insights into the city as well as convention activities.

Denver is ready for the party and I invite you to watch as much as possible -- we aren't just a cow town any more.

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