Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shop Online at Indie Bookstores/Paragraphs

I have been searching for a way that my readers, on the island and off, can shop online at an independent bookstore until Paragraphs opens. Originally, I looked for a way for Paragraphs to sell books online even though the brick and mortar store would not yet be open. I couldn't really put that together but at an IndieBound workshop I found a temporary solution.

Paragraphs is now an affiliated store recognized by other independent IndieBound member bookstores. By clicking on the logo in the sidebar you will be supporting Paragraphs as well as an independent bookstore located within an area covered by the zip code you designate. Any of these stores will ship your chosen title to you and would welcome the opportunity to compete with Amazon.

Give it a try and let me know how it works. Be the first to patronize Paragraphs, even if it is in a roundabout way!


Sam said...

I don;t know if you have thought about this, Joni, and it a very sensitive subject, but have you thought about the potential for visitors from like Monterrey?

I don't know if Mexico newspapers and books in Spanish would help, but about 30 to 40 percent of the money on this island is from the border and interior Mexico, mainly Monterrey and the areas around it.

And many these folks are loaded with cash. I would strongly recommend a salesperson who can speak Spanish and a short line of their favs, custom orders rushed. -sam

Joni said...

Good advice. Actually, I have been researching original works by Latino authors and will probably rely on publisher rep recommendations for awhile.

I would love to have someone familiar with this demographic group and fluent in Spanish review some of the catalogs and make suggestions. Do you know someone who meets the above criteria who would like to spend an afternoon or two a week hanging out in a bookstore?

It's not just the Mexican nationals that I am thinking about - there is a fairly vibrant Latino community of writers, poets and lovers of literature in the valley. I just don't know enough about the genre, beyond Marquez, Allende and the like, to feel comfortable making reading recommendations and I'm not sure how to make this community feel welcome, but I intend to make an effort to learn.

Add to that my desire to actively work to promote early literacy in the lower RGV, and I feel like I am entering a different albeit interesting world.

I appreciate your suggestions, as always. JSM

Sam said...

If I can catch the folks across the street, they run three or four major newspapers in the Mexico border region and Monterrey and know their high literature very well. I will ask. -sam

Joni said...

That would be great. Tell them about my blog or give them my email address.

It may be worth placing some narrowly targeted ads in their newspapers.

Thanks again! JSM