Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Unread Books

There are numerous lists of must-read books out there. You know, the list of books that one must have read in order to be considered adequately educated, nominally cultured, or at least not to be seen as a complete moron.

Well, the gig is up - in The Telegraph:

Respectable authors made shameful confessions at Ways With Words festival; watch them below. Now it's your turn: which book are you most embarrassed to admit you have never read?

Do you have a must-read that for some reason has never made it off your To be Read list? Is there some book that when the title comes up in conversation you nod and act involved in the discussion out of pure embarrassment because you have never even so much as cracked the cover of the famous tome?

Step up and confess. I bet you aren't alone.

Center for the Study of The Great Ideas: Great Unread Books: Which classic are you ashamed to admit you have never read?

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