Monday, December 1, 2008

Back To The Island

I finally got everything in order for the move and to leave Denver for South Padre Island. We left Wednesday and arrived on the Island Sunday afternoon. I must admit my heart was in my throat while driving down Padre Blvd. and wondering what Paragraphs would look like. The main surprise is that there is more work to be done than I anticipated. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I will get some pictures and post them here tomorrow.

One side of the building, which is located on the property line and therefore couldn't have any windows or other variation, is going to need some type of decoration or ornamentation. Right now it is just a big green wall--and not terribly exciting. It will be a nice backdrop for some kind of mural highlighting the joys of reading.

I am thrilled with the space for Paragraphs. I was surprised with the size of the space and the amount of light and feeling of openness. The elevated ceilings and a second level of windows makes the area seem much larger than it is. There is plenty of room for comfy chairs and some tables where people will be free to sit and read, chat, or use their laptops via the store's WiFi.

I took my husband, Griff, to the airport this morning and then the rest of us finished getting settled in to a room at the La Quinta, which has been our SPI winter home for several years. A few familiar faces have already arrived from places north where winter has arrived.

While we don't have our normal large beachside room with wet bar and jacuzzi tub, I don't mind the sacrifice and hope to be relocated into our new home soon. I am revising my to-do list and tomorrow will be a busy day!

It is a glorious day as I sit here with the open door and listen to the surf. This is the view from my window. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Island. I can't wait for the store to open!

Robin Norris

Anonymous said...

So glad you are finally here Joni. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make your "transition" smoother. The adjustment to the island, for us, was simple and at this point would never consider living anywhere else. I too can't wait for the store to open - you are just a stone's throw from my house and I look forward to cozy days of reading, chatting and gathering. You are such a breath of fresh air for this island and I look forward to many years of working together to make this secret hide-away of ours even more special. WELCOME! - Ann

Joni said...

Robin and Ann,

I so appreciate your words of welcome. They are especially cheering on this rather gloomy and drizzly day.

The builder is busily preparing for the architect to do a final walk-through so the town can do their inspection and issue a certificate of occupancy.

I am using this weekend to try and figure out what all I need to do and in what order I need to do it in.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement.