Monday, December 1, 2008

Need Christmas Gift Ideas?

Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness love books and believe they make the best gifts. I happen to agree! At times when we are looking to make our dollars go farther we like to find those gifts which communicate the feelings behind the gesture. This is where books excel. They are a thoughtful expression of your feelings and you can find something that meets the interests of everyone on your list.

As a part of their blog Books on the Nightstand Ann and Michael have written a series of blog posts highlighting those books that they think would make good gifts and also some ideas for how to include a book and make an everyday present that much more special. In addition to the series of posts they have a free e-book PDF file which can easily be read on-line complete with a checklist which can easily be printed and used to shop at your local store or on-line.

There is something for everyone on your list--the mystery lover, history buff, or serious foodie. Also included are ideas for those who love photography or are movie and film fans. Ann and Michael have also identified those items which can be purchased for under $20.

The idea that books are the perfect gift has taken on new life this holiday season. This video is an example of those celebrities who have taken time this year to celebrate the joy that giving or receiving a book can spread.

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Michael Kindness said...

thanks so much for this great write-up Joni!

Joni said...


I just appreciate the great information you and Ann provide. The two of you are definitely on my list of trust agents.



Selecting one gift for dear ones is very tough for me. i always get confused. Thanks

for sharing your last minute gift ideas. i like gift certificate gift ideas.

Merry Christmas. I liked your Christmas post...
Thanks for sharing