Friday, December 5, 2008

Shop the Island

Thanks to Lucinda and Nancy, two of South Padre Island's ambassadors of good will, I have signed up to participate in Shop the Island, which sounds like a fun event giving retailers, craftsmen and artisans a chance to share the sidewalks, spill onto the streets and provide the local residents and visitors with a festive day of shopping.

Word is a mover will be delivering boxes of household items, books, some tables, beds and my rolltop desk, from New York, at 9:00 a.m. Monday morning. The building inspector was kind enough to allow me to have this stored in the new building, as long as I do not block their access to electrical outlets or anything else they need to observe before issuing an occupancy permit.

I am not sure when they will be actually finished and ready to hand over the keys, but I should be able to have enough access that the parking lot at Paragraphs can be a welcoming spot for anyone cruising Padre Boulevard next Saturday. Used books for sale out of the box will be the primary offering of the day but I will spend the week working to spice up what visitors will find at 5505 Padre Boulevard!

Rumor is there may even be a sandcastle in a box! If Sandyfeet chooses the parking lot at Paragraphs to exhibit her sandcarving expertise, can the Saturn Street Strummers be far behind?

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