Friday, December 5, 2008

RGV Social Media Club

I am definitely a newbie to the whole social media arena but I can see the potential for reaching a much wider audience without spending a fortune in advertising dollars. Not only is the potential to reach more people attractive, but the idea of building a community instead of merely selling something intrigues me. As the owner of a bookstore one of my goals is to welcome discussion and interaction among my customers and supporters and I think being more involved and fluent in the use of social media can only help broaden the diversity of those who find Paragraphs a place where ideas are welcome.

So I was pleased to see that Shaine Mata is planning to start a Social Media Club for the Rio Grande Valley.

From Shaine's blog:

I thought I’d join the conversation for kicks, only to find out that it was not led by Connie, but by Kristie Wells, co-founder of Social Media Club. I spoke with her exclusively for a few minutes. Everything since then has started falling into place, from conference calls to messages expressing interest from other folks in the region.

Here we are 24 hours later and there is a Facebook group and SMC RGV wiki page. I am really excited about the support that has come from Social Media Club and local chapters. I don’t want to give you the impression that it’s an automated process. One crucial part is missing. Social Media Club RGV will not get off the ground without a team. You don’t have to be an expert; you just have to be interested in social media.

Here are some of the leadership/volunteer positions we need:

  • Programming Director
  • Partnership Director
  • Promotions Director
  • Production Director
  • Membership Director

You can find more details by visiting the SMC RGV Wiki. It is quite possible for one person to fill dual roles. Even with all the outside support, we can be sure that this will be a labor of love. I won’t lie to you. It will require some work. I hope you are interested in being a part of something groundbreaking for the Rio Grande Valley. Join me in launching Social Media Club RGV.

Any of you South Padre Island or Port Isabel computer gurus willing to give Shaine a hand?

It would then give us the knowledge and credibility to work with our local businesses to improve our visibility online. The attendance at the recent RGV tweet-up, which was held at The Padre Island Brewing Company, shows that there is a fairly strong interest in the area and it would be great for SPI/PI to be a part of this growing community. I plan to stay as informed of their activities as possible and learn more about how Paragraphs can become part of the social media world.

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