Saturday, December 15, 2007

Learning to Blog

I am feeling every day of my 53 years--the technology world has moved on without me and catching up is beginning to boggle my poor mind. There was a time when I could write a fairly useful application in DOS and handle some basic research on-line. The whole world of Web 2.0, social networking, open source code and all the rest is completely alien to me. I believe one could spend an entire lifetime glued to a computer screen with all the stuff available to read and discover!!

But, why am I starting this blog?

I want to share my experiences as I go through the process of building and opening an independent bookstore on South Padre Island. It will be a way of keeping family and friends informed about what I am up to and may be interesting to others who have the dream of opening a small business.

I also want to introduce myself to the SPI community and get a virtual dialogue started which can be continued in person once Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard opens next fall.

So, of all the experienced bloggers, I ask your patience as I struggle to learn this new means of communication and as I improve, the ultimate goal is to provide some useful and interesting ideas and information.