Thursday, July 20, 2017

New July Author Event

Meet the Author at Paragraphs
Tuesday, July 25th     1–3 PM
“Rite of the Storm”
Book discussion, reception and signing with author Jessica Carlos

“Kidnapped from a parking lot one night and whisked away from her Texas hometown, Holly Harper must survive a group of hunters out for blood, psychos in suits, and her conscience, the one thing that keeps her teetering on the line between everything she is and everything she could be. Battling the forces of evil for the sake of survival, Holly doesn’t bother wondering why the universe seems to be conspiring against her. All she can wonder is...what took so long?
Holly blames the black cloud. She really does.
Her mother’s family has dealt with that twisted sort of luck for as long as anyone can remember. Now it’s her turn to face it, and her only options are to survive or die trying. But if there’s any mistake the pawns of Satan can’t afford to make, it’s underestimating a Harper, even the smallest, least experienced Harper.
So, watch out world ‘cause Holly Harper’s come alive.”
Jessica Carlos was born in Brownsville, Texas to Hispanic parents. Raised alongside her two older brothers in Olmito, Texas, Jessica developed a passion for reading and writing at a young age. She was published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans (2003 Edition) at the age of 8. At age 17, she graduated from the Math and Science Academy in Brownsville with her high school diploma and Associate of General Education. Two years later, she received her Bachelor of Arts in English and, at age 22, earned her Master of Arts in English in an effort to polish her writing skills by studying literature, composition, and rhetoric. She is currently sitting back, slurping hot chocolate, and working her way through her next couple of novels—that is, when she’s not throwing knives, shooting arrows, or training with her tactical blade.

This event is free and open to the public.
Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard, 5505 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX
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Friday, July 14, 2017

July Meet the Author Events

Meet the Author at Paragraphs
Saturday, July 15th      1–3 PM
Book discussion, reading and signing with author J. T. Lozano

Writing in the horror genre, J. T. Lozano has multiple titles in poetry, short stories and novels and will be sharing them with us. Check out his Facebook group page, Story Time with JT ( and get a look inside the mind of this writer.

J. T. Lozano is a horror author who hails from Mission, a small border town in Deep South Texas.  He is the youngest in his family, which consists of four other siblings; two boys and two girls.  Although J.T. resides in Mission, he was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and moved here at the age of three. He began writing in 2007 using poetry as a form of self-expression and wrote his first story shortly after that.  Since the year in which the writing bug bit, J.T. has written well over 30 poems and half a dozen books, with some short stories.  The ideas constantly fill his head and if you ask how long he plans to write he will simply answer; “I’ll keep writing as long as you keep reading.”

Paragraphs will be hosting J.T. Lozano (also writing under the name of A.T. King) with his many titles and he has ebook editions so bring along your ereaders to download after you have met with J.T. and heard about his stories.  Authors love to meet their readers.

“Rio Grande Valley ABC”
Rickey E. Pittman, storyteller, author, and folksinger
Friday, July 28th     1 to 3 PM

Along the banks of the mighty Rio Grande River lies the heart of Southern Texas—the Rio Grande Valley. Steeped in tradition at the crossroads between the United States and Mexico, the Valley’s residents have established a unique way of life, honoring their past and reaching for their future.
Brought to life through rhyming text and vivid illustrations, the sights and sounds of the Rio Grande Valley fill every page, from the flight of the aplomado falcon to the ride of Antonio Zapata and everything in between.
In addition to the shared history of Mexican and Texas battles and triumphs, author Rickey Pittman details daily life in the Magic Valley, displaying the delight of a daughter’s quinceaƱera and the spirit of mariachi music. Illustrator Julie Dupre Buckner captures the hues of Valley life, from the bright butterflies gracing the grasslands to the clear night sky shining with stars.
The history and the heart of the Valley and its inhabitants, both human and animal, fill every page of this informative and essential book.
Pittman strives to find and share the forgotten and neglected stories and people of history and legend and bring them to life before his audiences. Whether you seek a song to touch your heart, a book to instruct your children, or a motivating and entertaining program, this bard of the South has good things to share.
Rickey E. Pittman, often called “The Bard of the South”, is an award-winning storyteller, author, and folksinger. The author of more than a dozen books and four CDs, Pittman earned a BA in New Testament Greek and an MA in English Literature from Abilene Christian University. He currently teaches college level freshman composition and literature. Pittman is a tireless performer, constantly conducting appearances at schools, libraries, festivals, conventions, and workshops, including many in the Rio Grande Valley. A certified secondary gifted English teacher, originally from Dallas, Texas, he claims the Rio Grande Valley as his second home. Pittman loves and appreciates the Rio Grande Valley, its history, its culture and its people.

This event is free and open to the public.
Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard
5505 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX For information call us at 956-433-5057