Monday, October 20, 2008

First Advertisement For Paragraphs

This is the first print ad which will appear for Paragraphs On Padre Boulevard. It will be used in the 2009 South Padre Island Visitors Guide.

Many thanks to John Carvalho, at Mixed Media Marketing Inc. in Fernandino Beach, FL for his help. John has done a lot of work for independent bookstores and I was referred to him when I first started to think about the possibility of opening a bookstore. He has been very patient with me over the year and a half that we have spent developing a logo and graphic theme to represent Paragraphs.

Never fear, my South Padre Island friends, once I open and am firmly transplanted onto our sandbar, I plan to do my best to "Shop Local".


Rob Nixon said...

When you get here, Stan and Adrian Hulse over at Toucan Graphics are awesome when it comes to doing ad design and print work!

Sam said...

Love the retro 1950s look!

Joni said...

I do look forward to working with Toucan Graphics. They printed some business cards for me last winter and did a fantastic job on short notice. I also met Stan at a CofC seminar and he seemed like a super guy to work with.

I'll take that as a compliment. We weren't thinking about a 50's look but I see what you mean. It is hard to advertise in a publication that will be used for a year when one has no idea when the doors will open. South Padre time has certainly taken over. At least it gives me more time to get my act together.