Saturday, June 27, 2009

ABFFE joins 2020 Vision at Paragraphs

I am continuously surprised when I read that some well-meaning parent group or school board is challenging the presence of certain books or materials in school or public libraries. Of course, this is nothing new, censorship in many forms has been around forever and we will probably never see the day when it becomes unnecessary to guard against any attempt to limit the free expression of ideas. While I recognize that there are some things that don't deserve ever to be printed, much less read, the right to do so must remain unfettered by any governmental authority. This is the fundamental basis of our democracy.

This is another reason I am proud to be a member of the American Bookseller's Assn. As an organization, they are committed to fighting against censorship.
Founded by the American Booksellers Association in 1990, ABFFE’s mission is to promote and protect the free exchange of ideas, particularly those contained in books, by opposing restrictions on the freedom of speech; issuing statements on significant free expression controversies; participating in legal cases involving First Amendment rights; collaborating with other groups with an interest in free s peech; and providing education about the importance of free expression to booksellers, other members of the book industry, politicians, the press and the public.
To further support the work of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, 2020 Vision USA, a Sarasota, Florida, direct importer of reading glasses and sunglasses, has agreed to contribute $1 to ABFFE for every pair of glasses it sells to independent bookstores.
"We are very excited to have the support of 2020 Vision USA," ABFFE President Chris Finan said. "We hope that contributions from 2020 Vision and other sideline vendors will provide an important new source of the money we need to protect the First Amendment rights of booksellers and their customers."

And now, I am proud to say, Paragraphs has joined in the effort and will be carrying a wide selection of reading glasses and later this summer, sun readers from 2020 Vision. A family business founded in 1996, 2020 Vision offers a huge inventory of high fashion Italian designs.

Buying from 2020Vision allows us not only to support the cause of free expression but is also a way to recognize our commitment to independent businesses. 2020 Vision sells to bookstores across the country, including Books & Books in Miami, so I think we are in good company and can be assured of having the newest and most fashionable styles, something I would never be able to provide on my own.

So if you need a new pair of reading glasses, come in and look for something that has a little pizzazz. I think you will be pleased with the selection and the price -- and you will be helping support a good cause at the same time.

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